1 1 Kontakt Kundencenter - 1und1.de use: The billing of your selected configuration is based on to-the-minute usage, and in the case of cancellation of the. Vollständiges Profil ansehen, blockieren, link zum Tweet kopieren, embed this Video. With the rest-API, you can interact with the 1 1 cloud platform and manage it in each respective language. For projects with high performance requirements, for example from high traffic volume, computing power and resources are automatically adjusted to current needs Project/Server ready in just 55 seconds Your Virtual Machine/project will be ready in just 55 seconds with a powerful Cloud Data center locations. Any information exchanged between your website and a visitor will be protected against unauthorized access. Change Shop, i want to stayin this shop.99 /first year then.99/year.com Domain offer for new customers.com.99 /1st year then.99/year.org.99 /1st year then.99/year.app 12 /1st year then 25/year.online.99 /1st year then.99/year.co.99 /1st year then.99/year.club.99 /1st. Whether for private or for business customers, 1 1 offers stable, high-performance, cost-efficient products. Cloud Apps Cloud Apps More than 100 popular apps such as WordPress, Magento, ownCloud or GitLab can now be installed directly from our 1 1 Cloud App Center or the Cloud Panel allowing you to get your projects online even faster. In both cases, the stack is managed by 1 1, but the application is installed only, and not managed by 1 1 once in operation. Double flatrate service (internet flatrate telephone flatrate) starting from.99 monthly. This ensures ultimate flexibility within your cloud server hosting package helping you to keep down costs without compromising the functionality and accessibility of your website. Our team of highly knowledgeable technicians are ready by phone or email24 hours a day, seven days a weekto help you resolve any issues with your cloud server immediately. This variant of the 1 1 Cloud Server enables you to implement your own administration rights and therefore offers total freedom and flexibility in terms of system configuration. Once the cost is broken down, you will be charged just.22 (33.84) at the end of the month. The 1 1 Cloud Server, in this case, is managed and designed in all respects by the customer and therefore requires a certain amount of server expertise. Integrated cost tracking means you can always stay on top of your expenses, with billing by the minute audi q3 reimport kaufen according to your selected server configuration.

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Although many mediumsized businesses have previously considered taking advantage of dynamic resources within cloud servers. Info 2 vCores Intel Xeon Processors 0 month incl berlin 1 vCore, org, js 20 per month and 1 GB RAM. There has been a distinct lack of reliable services that are also easy to use.

With our simple and intuitive hotadd resize feature. You agree to their use, nEW, with prepared templates for applications including WordPress. Unlimited EMail Accounts Unlimited EMail Accounts 1 1 Cloud Server packages enable you to create an unlimited number of email mailboxes for you and your employees with the domains included in the package. New virtual machines can be added in less 55 modelle seconds through our Fast Server Deployment feature. The cloud panel also allows you to choose between data centers for the creation of virtual machines later. We are working on making these features available across various data centers. Drupal, deploy your server in 55 seconds. S easier than ever to get Internet projects online in just a few clicks. If their free 24hours7daysaweek hotline isnapos.

Yes, with the clone function in the cloud panel you can easily move already existing virtual machines to a different data center in the USA, Germany or Spain.Credit will be issued for the part(s) plus tax, minus any shipping charges.Availability Availability Our cloud platforms use only the highest quality state-of-the-art components from brands like HP, Intel, SolidFire and F5 Networks.