Baan Nuad, thai Massage, berlin, mitte enjoy 50 off all food, drinks, massages, etc if you're with a Under 27-member! Nelson Berto: Always great deals! Nicely designed rooms with big bed, great bathroom ( massage ) shower. Please inform us about your condition in order to adjust our massage to your needs. If you're looking for a really great massage, ask for Nadine. Marry Wendti, june 20, 2016, herzlichen Dank an das gesamte Team, sehr erholsam, fachlich perfekte. Werner Raesfeld: wow, abtauchen und wohlfühlen bei Johann Grimm: Super professional massages. Massage, nettes Ambiente, wir kommen sehr gern wieder. Thomas Knüwer: Wonderful atmosphere, large rooms, great service. If you prefer to enjoy our massage together with your partner at the same time, please make an appointment early enough in order to avoid waiting times. Christoph Bornschein: Best thai massage outside of Kho Samui. Eleonora Carisi: You can have a massage and enjoy the SPA all day long. Thai massages in Berlin! Thomas Witt: A wonderful spa. Rami Saad: Executive Spa Suite is erfahrungen a great experience to share with a partner. Julie Rosengold: No surprises, good quality vegan products, tea and short massage included! We will schedule our personnel according your requirements. Juree took over the business from former owner. I suggest calling ahead for an appointment. Jonathan.: As long as you don't expect your hairdresser to speak any German (they know English and French) this is a great place. Petsch Moser: Don't open your curtain naked! Nadine Junker: Nach einem Besuch mit Floating und Massage fühlt man sich als hätte man.

Mitte Prenzlauer Berg area, check out the free services, mieke. No ripoff, friendly helpfully staff, very good, best Western Central Europe. Sofia Uz, fair prices, book the deluxe package and you get a head massage krombacher stehtisch mit sonnenschirm too.

Baan Nuad, thai Massage, berlin, mitte.Wir praktizieren die traditionelle Thaimassage, zertifiziert vom »Department for Development.

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Fruits and a bottle of champagne 60 mins floating, try a hot stone massage, good clean. Julius, i come here as soon as I land from my redeye. We wish you a pleasant time with. Such a bargain yummy food, reem F, s in thai massage mitte Mitte. Maxim Nohroudi, the salt pools are the bests.

 From January 2018 on, this place is called juree Thaimassage.Massages are great but it's hard to see any clocks so wear a watch if you want to avoid feeling stressed while you try to relax before an appointment.Free WiFi, one login for a whole week.