Skoda Rapid Spaceback : essais, fiabilité, avis, photos, prix spacious Rapid is hard to beat in its class for practicality, and comfort is decent too While it lacks a little in quality and driving enjoyment, the Skoda Rapid's practicality completely wipes the floor with the Volkswagen Golf and. Our Choice, skoda Rapid Spaceback.0 110PS. The Rapids driving position is good too, with a full range of adjustments for both seat height and steering wheel, and the simple, uncomplicated dash layout also adds to the straightforward feel. Despite this bigger hatch opening and long look of the bodywork, the Rapid is actually shorter than most rival hatchbacks, although the Skodas overall shape and styling mean this difference isnt as noticeable when theyre parked side-by-side. This is compared to 363 litres in the Ford and 350 litres in the Golf. The.6 TDI is quite gruff at idle and gets even noisier if you extend it through the rev range, so its best to keep a lid on things and use the 250Nm of torque, where its in-gear performance is acceptable. The 114bhp.6 TDI is capable.3mpg and emits just 109g/km of CO2, so apart from the higher initial purchase price theres little financial disincentive to own the bigger diesel if you want better performance. Even better is the fact it undercuts the standard Skoda Rapid, with only a minor sacrifice to be made in terms of boot space. You get a five- or six-speed manual gearbox depending on which engine and trim you go for, while Skoda's excellent seven-speed DSG twin-clutch gearbox is available as an option on most models. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen, kullanm artlar ve Gizlilik Politikas bölümüne baknz. Our main problem with parting with cash for the Rapid is the existence of the bigger and better Octavia range, which starts at only 1,800 more. The Skoda Rapid Spaceback is a five-door hatchback thats slightly smaller than the. MPG, CO2 and running costs Day-to-day costs should be super-low, but Skoda Rapid depreciation is a bit of an issue The Skoda Rapid is available with a choice of robust petrol and diesel engines, which range from.0.6 litres. The.5-inch screen looks small in the dashboard, and makes pressing the multitude of buttons to control the sat-nav fiddly, since each icon has to be so small to fit on to the display. . The regular, skoda Rapid on which its based is a five-door hatch too, but that one features rear end styling designed to mimic the lines of a more traditional saloon. You can get extra USB ports in the back with the optional multi-device interface, which costs about 120. The Spaceback has been around since 2012 in its current guise, and sits between the. Cabin storage is catered for with large door bins, and the car also has some clever touches such as a boot floor with carpet on one side and rubber on the other - so you can flip it depending on what youre carrying. Skoda Çerez Politikas, skoda web sitesini optimize etmek ve gelitirmek için tanmlama bilgilerinizi (cookie) kullanyor. The manual gives you 0-62mph.7 seconds, and a top speed of 115mph, while opting for DGS loses a tenth in acceleration. The smallest is a three-cylinder.0-litre petrol TSI unit with 94bhp, which takes a sedate 11 seconds on the sprint to 62mph but can still manage a 116mph maximum.

T up to the high standards found in the Golf. T get every engine in every trim. Its definitely a budget offering 6litre diesel version all pretty competitive. And the interface is userfriendly, while the Sport baur model which is similar in spec to Monte Carlo trim on the Fabia is the only version to get a sixspeed manual gearbox. Skoda will sell you a maintenance plan that covers servicing and inspections for three years.

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Skoda rapid space back

8 seconds, it has more interior room than wer models such the. We would promo expect it to be extremely reliable. This is another fivedoor hatchback 8mpg and 103gkm, but it feels faster than the numbers suggest in the real world.

Moving up to the SE Tech adds 16-inch alloy wheels, and an Amundsen touchscreen sat-nav with DAB radio plus parking sensors.Diesel power comes in the shape.4 TDI 90PS and.6 TDI 115PS units with 89bhp and 113bhp respectively.Its dealers couldnt match that result for customer service, though, finishing mid-table in 15th position.